Indochina Bike Ride, the next big one. Bengal to South West China

Kolkata to Kunming and beyond. Bengal-Bangladesh-NE India-Burma-Laos-China.

Four mighty rivers: the Ganges, Brahmaputra, Ayeyarwady, and the upper reaches of the Mekong.

Start in the iconic frenetic city of Kolkata(Calcutta) on the banks of the Hooghly river we will pick our way across the delta of the Ganges and Brahmaputra through Bangladesh, before climbing up into the mountains of Tripura and and Mizoram and crossing a remote border into Burma, land of the Chin people. We will head towards and cross the Ayeyarwady river in central Burma before climbing over jungle mountains to the Mekong valley and the Laotian border. We will follow the Mekong deep into SouthWest China, hopefully to where it emerges from Tibet.

Well that’s the rough plan, but we will see how we are doing once we get to Burma. We might have to look at other options depending on how long we take to get to Burma.

We hope you enjoy the stories, Jan 2020 onwards.

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