We travel to remote places but try to find lodges or guest houses most nights. We camp when necessary but this usually is for no more a couple of consecutive nights. Our kit is compact as it has to be carrying everything on one bike.


Thorn Raven Twin, S&S couplings, Rohloff hub gears, Brooks B17 saddles. Schwalbe Marathon Dureme tyres. Son 28 hub dynamo. Sine wave usb charger point. Quadlock phone holder.

Cycled well over 10,000 miles on this bike now and its worked extremely well. The rolhoff gears and the S&S couplings are so worth the extra cost. splitting the bike makes it so easy for the many flights we have been on. The usb charger point really doesnt work that well, but we find even in remote places there are ways to get battery packs charged. (the world over there is a requiremnt to charge phones!)

The Quadlock is superb


Ortleib Classic front and back , medium holdall, Altura bar bag


MSR Hubba Hubba nx.

We have been really impressed with this tent, excellent amount of space for pack size and weight. Very well designed. The quality is not like the Hilleberg but at the price it is fine.


Exped Synmat UL mats,  Thermorest Vela double quilt, silk liner, sheet.

This set up is brilliant and fits into one small front pannier which is pretty good for two peoples bedding including mattresses. We need the silk liner and think the lower comfort rating of 7 degC and limit of 2 degC is rather optimistic. We need alot of layers at 5 degC including wearing our down jackets.


Primus Omnifuel, or Alpkit fire maple gas, Vango 2 person  pan, Msr deep dish plates.

Most of the time petrol is the only fuel option and the Omnifuel has performed very well.(much better than the MSR XGK expedition, that has good reviews, but we had lots of problems using it in West Africa).

The Vango pan is also great. Cheap, and just the right size for two. It holds enough water for two coffees and two instant noodles, our normal breakfast when on a tour.

Msr Deep Dish plates, perfect for food preparation after a visit to an African or Asian market


 Sawyer water filter, this is one of our best bits of kit. No waiting for sterilising tablets and no foul taste, instant safe water.

4 water bottles on bike carriers, 2 bottles on top of front panniers,         

10L MSR Dromedary water bag for camping night stops, 


Cateye Velo 7,  Garmin Inreach mini satellite tracker. Battery pack.

We found a 6700Ah and a 8400Ah battery packs to be sufficient even in remote parts of West Africa. The garmin inreach mini has been a reassuring addition since our West African trip. It normally needs charging about every 4 days and produces a nice plot on the map for family and friends to see.

Photo and Video

IPhone 6s, Gopros 5, mini tripod, selfie stick, SD cards, Leef iPhone bridge.

No cameras or laptops. We manage all the photography and video editing on the phone and GoPro.


Iphone6s  with MapOut Maps.Me and Google Maps offline map apps.

MapOut is a brilliant offline map. We use this for all our planning as it has topographical data too. is also useful for distance to destination and some hotels are listed. But really everything that is needed in a good format is on MapOut. We would be lost without it


S&S coupling spanner, bike multi tool, pliers, allen keys, tyre leavers, penknife,  saddle spanner, pump, head torch


Folding tyre, 2 inner tubes, oil, chain links, bolts, cable ties, gaffer tape, pump spares kit, brake pads, gear and brake cables.

We have learnt from previous trips what we need to take. We also start each tour with new tyres, chains and brake pads. The chain rings are either rotated or replaced before a trip too.

Down Jackets: Rab microlight

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