West Africa Bike Ride, the next big one

West Africa Bike Ride, proposed route

West Africa, probably our next favourite travel destination after the Indian subcontinent. Dense mangroves, jungle clad mountains, rough terrain and numerous rivers winding their way through thick vegetation will need to be crossed. Vibrant markets for stocking up on supplies and mud house villages for stopping the nights. Colour and music in settlements as we cycle by on ochre red laterite tracks, tall grass towering each side of the route, passing women carrying large pots on their heads.

                                      This Video shows why we like West Africa

Lots of research and planning to be done. Trying to find the best routes, but also covering many different options so we have plenty of flexibility.

The map above shows our proposed route. Since an earlier post we have amended the route and decided not to include Liberia.

For now it’s visas, vaccinations and a lot of reading.

5 thoughts on “West Africa Bike Ride, the next big one

  1. Hope you are well.Just checked after not looking for months so we have missed whats been happening,Looking foward to reading your Africa adventure.When do you start.


  2. Hi Helen and Davy, looks like an amazing trip. How long will it take? Ellen is going to be in Nsawam, Ghana at the end of January for her elective, I will tell her to look out for you ( but you would be a bit off course).


    1. Hi Ali, lovely to hear from you. We have 3 months off, but it could take less time, depends if we get distracted! Through Ghana we will probably be closer to Kumasi but nothing is fixed. See you one day. Love Helen and Davy


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