Stuff about equipment that has done particularly well on this trip.

1) WATER PURIFICATION: Sawyer water filter.

Probably the most useful piece of kit we have.

Quick and easy to use, no waiting for sterilising tablets to work when you are thirsty. It’s been proven in tests to stop all pathogens and we have stayed healthy for three months on it.

2) NAVIGATION: we used offline mapping apps, rather than a gps as the maps are much better quality and clearer.

We couldn’t have done this trip without them. We used a combination of, OsmAnd, and google offline maps, as remote areas vary on each system. is good for elevation and some routing, also has quite a bit of accommodation on. OsmAnd with contours is great for planning and seeing how far up hills you are. Google is good when the other two don’t show a small road or track, and also has some accommodation in the offline maps. was the all round best one and the map with some colour makes it the clearest one.

We were using these on an iPhone 6s

3) HANDLEBAR PHONE BRACKET: Quadlock bike bracket and phone case.

Very stable and quick to release when you park up.

4)DOWN JACKETS: Rab microlight.

Really needed these in the mountains particularly when going down hill or in the early morning. Pack very small and lightweight.

5) COOKING POT: Vango non stick cook pot(2 person) was perfect for this trip.

One pot full of water is enough for both of us to have tea followed by instant noodles. It also did fine for more elaborate meals, like pasta, soup sauce and soya chunks. Just the right size, no excess.

6) TENT: MSR hubba hubba nx tent:

Plenty of space for the two of us, great headroom, enough storage space for panniers. Although not marketed as pitch fly sheet first, we found this easy to do with the footprint.

7) BED: Exped Synmat UL mats, bottom sheet liner with pillow pocket to take cloths(we got this made) and Thermorest Vela double quilt, plus silk liner. This made for a very comfortable double bed. It was warm enough but not as good as Thermorest specify on their comfort temperature min of -7 degC. Ok to about 3 degC if wearing cloths too.


MSR 10 litre water bladder. We used this just for wild camping when you are relying on a nearby river and need plenty of water for cooking and washing up. It’s great for the nights stop and then folds up small when not in use. Also handy if there are long sections of no water to increase the bikes water carrying capacity.

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