Eastern Himalayas. Haven’t had Wifi for sometime. Blogs and videos coming soon

There is a boundary between adventure and being absolutely terrified! We crossed it. Still alive and came out with some good stories. Trekking in remote deep jungle, in the east most Himalayas, with our excellent guide and three porters. On Day 3, nearly nine hours, hacking our way through with machetes things got tough. Crawling, scrambling and hanging onto roots to cross unstable river cliffs way up above the wild river, where no help would be possible if something went wrong. We were several days away from anything. Being stung by plants, and bitten by insects as we hung on.

An extremely poisonous snake in our path had to be killed. We were pulling leeches off ourselves and kit.

At camp 3, a leech infested location in dense jungle by a river, 5 hours trek still to to get to the monastery on the edge of the Tibetan sacred land of Danakosha, reluctantly we made the decision to turn back. We didn’t want to put ourselves at more risk doing another five hours of similar treacherous trail up and then five hours back down, plus the nearly nine hours we had to do going back from camp three.

Once back to the villages we took a longer route back to Tuting. Amazing views and lovely to camp in the villages. Everyone knows who we are round here. People have seen us from days back, even sometimes from when we were still cycling. This part of the trip has been a true adventure and great fun, absolutely lovely people, and stunning jungle scenery with snow capped mountains in the background. Physically and mentally it has pushed us to the limit, but this was well worth it. We won’t forget all the great people we have met and chatted with, always wishing us “happy journey” as they say as we set off again.

Videos and blogs on the way as we get better wifi

One thought on “Eastern Himalayas. Haven’t had Wifi for sometime. Blogs and videos coming soon

  1. wonderful to read and incredibly inspirational. The colourful commentary perfectly describes what must be an amazing adventure and experience.


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