Gumkhal to Karnaprayag 123 miles, 3 days

We dropped a long way down from Gumkhal to a river at Satpuli, free wheeling the whole way. We passed road workers living in makeshift polythene tent campments, who were working on sections of collapsed road.

The next day leaving just before daylight we followed a well surfaced small road that ran alongside the river at Satpuli. This took us back to the Ganges river valley. The quiet narrow road clung to the steep valley side. The grey blue river below passed through many gorge sections. The mountains towered above us. We felt very insignificant in the giant landscape as we cycled on.

Delicate looking suspension bridges led to villages and temples on the other side of the river.

It was easier going following a valley, the road still climbed and then descended as it worked its way around cliffs and tributary streams, but it was manageable. The scenery was dramatic and beautiful, but the air was bitterly cold.

When we joined the Ganges valley we stopped for a well earned plate of noodles. We were really cold and the kind old couple made us tea to have with the noodles. Pack horses with bells passed us as we sat warming our hands on small glasses of chai.

We are following the Ganges valley for as long as possible before we have to climb over the watershed to the next river system. It’s not a very direct route but it is getting us closer to Nepal.

4 thoughts on “Gumkhal to Karnaprayag 123 miles, 3 days

  1. It is wonderful to see where you are. The scenery is frighteningly dramatic, a bit on the wild side. What an amazing adventure. Love Mum and Dad


    1. Hi Mum, Thanks for all your comments,s great to hear from you. The scenery and people are great and we are loving all the interactions we have on the road and at stops. It’s what makes the trip, and the best bit about cycling is you are travelling at the pace of life around you, so you notice stuff going on. Love Davy and Warty


  2. What wonderful scenery and thank you for keeping us in touch. Those rope bridges and steep valleys are so dramatic and it all looks rather cold. We are following each day.
    Love from Mum and Dad


    1. Hi Dad, thanks for your comment, its great to hear from everyone. The scenery and people are amazing, but the cold in the evening and morning is a bit of a problem particularly if we have to camp, which we luckily havent had to yet. The hills have been more of a challenge than we anticipated, but I guess this is the Himalayas and it was never going to be easy. We are having an easy day today, just 17 miles down hill and the place we are staying has wifi. Love from Davy and Warty


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