About Us


Dave and Helen, 55 ish, a builder and a GP,  kids off to Uni, plan to travel around interesting parts of the world by tandem

We met at school in 1982. Spent much of our youth on travels and adventures between times of work and study.  Our travels took us to Yugoslavia, Turkey, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Laos, China, Russia and West Africa. We enjoyed travelling at a basic level, usually choosing trekking, cycling or local boats to get around.

We moved to the South Coast of England, and got married in 1992, and have 2 daughters. We enjoy the outdoors, sailing, canoeing, cycling, walking and camping.

Once our youngest daughter, Katy was 5 and  Becky was 7  we started to travel again. Just short trips to fit in with annual leave from our jobs. The first was trekking in the Atlas mountains of Morroco. Trips to Ghana, India, Laos, Georgia, Benin, Burkino Faso, and Bangladesh followed. It was wonderful showing our daughters these amazing places, and travelling as a family brought a different dimension to our travels, with great interactions with local people.

Now Becky and Katy have grown up, finished school and are moving on to University we want to embark on some new adventures travelling on our tandem. Some adjustments have been made to our work commitments so we can get away for some longer breaks of a few months.

We hope you enjoy our blogs

35 years together

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Dave
    How are you getting on? We want to know whether you cycled to Heathrow/Gatwick on the way out!
    Duncan & Nicky


    1. Hi Duncan, doing well thanks, now at Rishikesh on the Ganges. Bike went to Heathrow in a box with us in the taxi, but have cycled upto here from Delhi. Hoping to get a blog done tonight. I have put quite a bit on Facebook! Dave and Helen


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