What’s Next?

Where’s next? Always dreaming up not so travelled corners of the globe to ride our bike.

Mongolia and Siberia have always fascinated us, the emptiness, the nomadic people, and the beauty of untouched Steepe. ‘Siberia to Mongolia Bike Ride’, Tobolsk to Ulaanbaatar (capital of Siberia to capital of Mongolia)

The big challenge will be the remoteness and whether we can carry enough food and water in wilderness sections.

Other trips on our horizons are Africa Bike Ride 2, Cameroon to Cape Town. (Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Angola,Namibia, and South Africa.

Then there is also a short one across Cuba

3 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. Hi Helen & Dave
    Since you mentioned your blog in your last Christmas card, we’ve really enjoyed following your trip. Having done a little cycling in the Alps, on tarred roads & light bikes, what you’ve done is so impressive. “Chapeau !”to you both. Glad you made it back safely before lockdown & we look forward to your future travels.
    We started a blog to keep in touch with family & friends during our ski & sailing trips post retirement. Sadly not much to post about at present, particularly as Jonathan has ruptured his Achilles. We’d love to pick your brains about some teccy things (well Jonathan would!) such as how to set up the route maps with daily diary entries. Please drop us an email when you have a chance, it would be great to hear from you. Love Cate & Jonathan


  2. Hi Helen and Dave
    Love the memories and pics
    Especially like to toga party photo of the two of you!
    Remember the kindness in helping me buy the bike in 1983
    So wonderful to have this all in one place
    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to your next adventure


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