Chaukori to Pithoragarh, 53 miles, 2 days, 21 Jan

From Chaukori we had a rest day just going down hill 17 miles to the small lively town of Thal which is on the banks of the Ramnaga river. It was nice to have a bit of time to wander round town and see stuff going on.

We left early this morning after cooking our noodles in our room. We followed the the river out of town and were soon climbing. It was cold and foggy. We climbed above the fog and could look down on the woolly cloud that filled the lower valley, mountain peaks poking through the carpet of cloud.

The landscape became more wild again with deep ravines. The road snaked its way along the valley edge and we climbed and crossed several watersheds to more rocky ravines.

At times the valley would widen out and jungle like vegetation surrounded us. There were unusual bird songs coming from high up in the trees. There were vibrant terraced slopes with villages dotted around.

On the road and at chai stops we have great conversations with locals about the education system, politics, the future for the young, and the workings of the road building. People are always calling out to us and giving us encouragement as we climb another hill.

One thought on “Chaukori to Pithoragarh, 53 miles, 2 days, 21 Jan

  1. Great to talk to you today. We had a lovely time with Becky and Katy. They got home without any hitches.
    That is a very healthy looking goat.


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